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Writing Black History

So Black History month is here and I love that so many are remembering and sharing stories of black people not normally discussed. However many social media pages look the same, and are following the same trends. I have a plan that’s a little different than the norm.

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It’s Carnival

It is time for me to begin planning my vacation for this year. The last two years I visited an island durning their carnival, in 2015 I traveled to Trinidad and Tobago and last year to Barbados for Crop Over and I feel I need to do it again this year. Carnival is a special time for Caribbeans and it’s…

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To be or not to be… Natural

I have had many hairstyles and the most drastic was a few years ago when I was over relaxing my hair and burning my scalp so I just stopped. I had no plans, I just stopped. After binge watching a youtuber new to me, she went on and on about how great her life has been since her big chop.

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