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Travel for One

Dating yourself can be one of the most important things a young woman can do. I have found it to be enlightening and simple. Thinking about it, I’ve had countless special moments alone and I imagine taking a vacation solo would be full of them as well. I have traveled unaccompanied but never vacationed alone. I can only envision how…

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It’s Carnival

It is time for me to begin planning my vacation for this year. The last two years I visited an island durning their carnival, in 2015 I traveled to Trinidad and Tobago and last year to Barbados for Crop Over and I feel I need to do it again this year. Carnival is a special time for Caribbeans and it’s…

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Take Flight… But First!

With all the over sharing on social media, people should no longer feel traveling is out of reach.Before it was seemingly reserved for the rich and famous and could only be experienced through traditional media. For me that was not the case,

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