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Dreams of Opulence

This years Labor Day celebration was like ones before, with added political bewilderment, and natures devastation. Young people protected under the DREAM Act were worried of their future in their own home. People had nowhere to live after storms uprooted their lives. People like me were essentially being protested for existing and having a portion of the rights and opportunities…

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Writing Black History

So Black History month is here and I love that so many are remembering and sharing stories of black people not normally discussed. However many social media pages look the same, and are following the same trends. I have a plan that’s a little different than the norm.

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Take Flight… But First!

With all the over sharing on social media, people should no longer feel traveling is out of reach.Before it was seemingly reserved for the rich and famous and could only be experienced through traditional media. For me that was not the case,

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