It’s Carnival

It is time for me to begin planning my vacation for this year. The last two years I visited an island durning their carnival, in 2015 I traveled to Trinidad and Tobago and last year to Barbados for Crop Over and I feel I need to do it again this year. Carnival is a special time for Caribbeans and it’s some of the most memorable experiences I’ve had. I can’t single out what the best part is, every little aspect makes the celebration completely euphoric, but here are a few of my favorite parts and me enjoying every moment.

The Music!

Soca music is my absolute favorite genre, if you haven’t heard it listen to this song, It’s Carnival and tell me what you think! There is calypso, pan, reggae, dancehall and more. It all depends on what island you visit, each has it’s favorite and unique style.

                                                     Fete after fete after fete!

The parties! There are all kinds of parties, boat rides, cooler fetes, water fetes, paint, foam and beach parties you name it! I went on a boat ride in Trinidad here and it was a beautiful clear day!







The Food!

I know I said I don’t have a  favorite but let’s be honest food makes everything better! On my last day in Barbados I went to dinner and had this as an appetizer, saltfish cake or codfish fritters (depending on who you’re asking) and they were so good the pepper sauce served with it was amazing. If you’ve never had them they are worth a try, it’s a fritter made with codfish, seasoned and deep fried.






And finally,

The Carnival!

After many days of partying, eating, going to shows, the main event is the carnival (parade). Waking up early getting dressed and made up in the beautiful costumes is hectic, fun, stressful and worth it. This is my costume from Barbados for the Grand Kadooment! I felt and looked great if I do say so myself. I played with Erup the Band and had a time. A lot of bands have great options for plus size women and women who do not want to show too much. Can we get into the view I woke up to every morning! This condo was the best, located right on the beach. It was one of the best trips I have ever been on and the reason why I thinking where to this year. 






I haven’t decided where I want to go, but if you’re thinking about planning a trip this year, I wrote an article for KAMSI Magazine with my suggestions of the best carnivals to visit for first timers. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Safe travels,