Writing Black History

So Black History month is here and I love that so many are remembering and sharing stories of black people not normally discussed. However many social media pages look the same, and are following the same trends. I have a plan that’s a little different than the norm. I would like to celebrate people who are living what the past has thought us, people who are ensuring they create a note worthy history of their own. 

My ultimate goal is to point at least one person in the direction of a striving, black entrepreneur who deservingly needs our support. If you haven’t heard, we need to ‘Buy Black’, and you don’t have to be black to do this. Supporting black businesses has an abundance of benefits, it allows families to send their children to school, to raise employment rates and allows money to circulate amongst a community, in turn improving the standard of living (just to name a few).

Each week I will introduce (if you don’t know them already) to beautiful black people we should be watching. And this week we need to prep for old Saint Valentine’s Day. So here we go, first up….

            Nubian Skin Lingerie



Nubian Skin offers underwear, hosiery and night wear, it’s all so clean and rich for all shades of chocolate. We have a nude now, no more beige under our sheer dresses or black under our whites. They have a fun blog on their site with content keeping customers up to date on what they’re up to, sales and more picture like these!  




This week on KAMSI Magazine I wrote on fashion issues, featuring some incredible people using their voices, celebrating Black Girl Magic and speaking the truth of so many women through fashion. 

Let me know how you intend to write your history!

Happy Black History Month!