I’m A Failure

In Her Own Words

So I don’t have a great long post today, I just want to have a talk. As I wrote in my about page this is not the first time I started InHerOwn and that is because I get in my own way. I begin to think way too much, create distractions and I start to doubt myself, why? because of fear. I have been so afraid to fail while time is passing me by and so many ideas I had over the years have become a big deal. I was finally fed up of this fear of failing, I was failing by not trying, so the only thing left to do is try. My friend once told me you have to do something.

I want to encourage you to fail because your tried, not because you’re scared.

This week’s challenge, Do Something! That idea you have that won’t leave you alone, go for it.

We are all failures – at least, all the best of us are.

 J.M. Barrie