Take Flight… But First!

With all the over sharing on social media, people should no longer feel traveling is out of reach.Before it was seemingly reserved for the rich and famous and could only be experienced through traditional media. For me that was not the case, I was fortunate growing up being able to travel at a young age (just a year old). I remember the first time I was going to Florida and a family friend gave me spending money for my trip ($5) and I wanted to know how much money would I get after exchanging it lol. However meeting different people I knew the reality that many never left the state let alone the country.

Things are rapidly changing because of social media. We have live feeds of not only celebrities but of people we know or met a few times, and many of them are traveling, seeing the world and bringing us along, raising questions like why am I not on an amazing vacation? And if you’re not asking yourself this question, why not?

I was curious, I wanted to know if my little theory was right, are more people traveling because their friends are posting?

Nope! I was wrong!

I’m ok with being wrong, people have bills, student loans, tuition, pampers to buy and no time off from work. Those are circumstances I understand, what I don’t understand is, a majority of the people in the US do not have passports and to me that is unbelievable. There were a lot of other simple fix problems people have with traveling (we’ll discuss that later) but this is the most shocking. Just Google “why don’t Americans travel” and you’ll see. With all the realities we are living, not experiencing a place outside of your home should not be one of them.

My challenge to you is to apply for a passport if you do not have one or renew your expired passport. Put it on your ‘to do list’, vision board or wherever you keep your goals and dreams. Encourage your friends and family to apply too.

Find all the info here on the steps and fees to get a passport. Set up a saving plan for you and your family’s fees. Skip going out a few weekends instead search for places to go. If you are not a citizen and your passport has expired, Google your country’s embassy location and get it renewed.

We have to get away for a little while and find inspiration to fill what is missing in our lives or to fix what isn’t working. Let’s live beyond social media.

Here’s too many safe journeys!