Writing Hair-Story

I hope by now, most of us know of the legendary Madame CJ Walker, if not read this. Well now we can walk into a beauty supply store and find products for black women with any hair type. Unfortunately we don’t own the majority if the products or stores and our money is flowing heavily in this industry.

Throughout this “Writing Black History” series I’ve been highlighting some great brands and people in hopes to inspire you to support black businesses and artists . So I say again we need to buy black. Here are four black hair care products created by modern day Madame CJ Walker:

Heat Free Hair

Ngozi Opara created and hair line for natural girls, which includes weave, closures, wigs and clip-ins. The hair is great, with naturally textured hair, it solves many problems of blending leave out or adding a little fullness with clip-ins. There is are ranges for all hair types as well as a blown out texture. Whether you want a new look, a protective style or to add a little oomph there are beautiful options like this picture taken from the site.

Photo of wefted hair! 

The Mane Choice                 

Courtney Adeleye, a nurse, took to YouTube to begin writing her hair-story and she and her husband, a medical doctor, developed her healthy hair products from their kitchen. Her ranges include hair vitamins, body care, hair growth and hair care products with lines for children and babies as well. Adeleye also has a few styling products including a flat iron with a built-in comb, which simplifies the tension method. Many of the products are suitable for relaxed as well as natural hair. There are also bundle packages to  save a little.

Photo of product bundle!

Camille Rose Naturals

Janell Stephens, a mother of five, vegan and as she calls herself a master mixstress, began her journey concocting solutions for her children’s skin problems. She then moved on to her skin and hair. Focusing on natural ingredients, her products help manage natural hair health and styling. Also offered is a line of body butters and cremes.

Photo of conditioning custard!



Gwen Jimmere, is the founder and CEO of Natualicious as well as the first African-American woman to to patent a natural hair care product. Product junkies can appreciate what she has done, Jimmere produced a line that will complete your regime in three steps. The product ranges are not extensive, two hair type, three step systems, and a few stand alone products, as well as soon to be released cocoa shea body butter by the delicious Derrick Jaxn.

Photo of 3 step system!

These woman along with many others are taking charge and writing their own history. I admire their stories and business journey. Let me know if you have used any of these products and your thoughts, or tell me if you will be trying any!

Happy Black History Month!