Writing Black History: In His Own Words

This past Saturday night I went to The Guyanese Poet’s, Leon L, book release of his 4th published book, Pink Cover: things that are important.

The spoken word artist creatively composed a visual performance, Leon L. recited his poetry while his words were re-enacted. He spoke of his homeland, suicide, abuse and more. It was a positive and inviting event. I’m happy to have been able to support someone who speaks his truth on what is happening in our world.

As he did for his other books , he is set to go on tour in march. You can order Pink Cover and find more information like tour dates, appearances and more here. Follow his journey as he literally writes his history.

The location was great and it was filled with so many young black people doing impressive and positive things. This was my first time at 3 Black Cats Cafe in Brownsville, Brooklyn, New York, and I was too happy to see a black owned establishment in this neighborhood.

Happy Black History Month,